Early Childhood Ireland - Plan for Reopening


It is a busy time for all members as settings manage partial opening and full reopening in due course. The following guidance, which will be updated regularly by the Early Years Employer Service team, will provide you with information on the different areas of reopening.

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Guidance on reopening from the DCEDIY.

There is a large amount of information on the DCEDIY First 5 reopening webpage that can be accessed here.


Strong communication and a shared collaborative approach between employers and staff are key to protecting against the spread of COVID-19 in the setting.

Both employers and employees should keep up to date with the latest HSE advice and guidance.

HR FAQ document

Sample policies, procedures, and templates

You will need to review your existing policies and procedures to ensure that they adequately cover the changes in circumstances and to ensure you can operate safely.

  • Return to Work Safely Protocol – COVID-19 Setting Preparation Plan Template
  • A handy policy checklist to assist you in reviewing and updating polices in line with Covid-19 requirements, along with a range of updated policies can be found here (please note: member login required).

Early Childhood Ireland Guidance Document for Delayed Reopening

To assist providers during the postponed reopening of the ECCE programme, and the reopening for essential workers and vulnerable children, Early Childhood Ireland has compiled a guidance document with all of the relevant issues that may affect your service. This guidance document can be found here and is updated regularly as new information and guidance become available.

Regulations and Inspections

Tusla’s Early Years Inspectorate has developed a number resources to help providers maintain compliance during reopening and beyond as they operate in the Covid-19 period. The Inspectorate advises that the guidance document provides detailed information on the steps you need to take before and after you reopen and that the self-assessment checklist should be completed in parallel with the guidance document as an aid to help services work through the requirements. 

You should review these documents thoroughly in conjunction with the 2016 Childcare Regulations and the Quality and Regulatory Framework

The documents can be found here:

  • Guidance for Early Years Services managing COVID-19, (Tusla) [Download here]
  • COVID-19 Notification form for Early Years services, (Tusla) [Download here]
  • Early Years COVID-19 Self-Assessment checklist, (Tusla) [Download here]
  • Inspection Tool for Early Year Services: Covid 19, (Tusla) [Download here]

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